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Benefits of Underwater Treadmill for Humans

Benefits of Underwater Treadmill for Humans

Underwater treadmills for humans look fun but they are also a good source of exercise and rehabilitation, especially, people for people who are suffering from muscle or joint related ailments. Aquatic therapy is often recommended to help with exercise and recovery. The natural buoyancy of water provides a low impact workout that actually helps joints and muscles to relax. The hydro treadmills today come with adjustable water temperatures and water levels, therefore being the best for rehab, fitness training, weight control or for a simple relaxing experience.

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Features of Aqua Treadmills for humans
  • The water treadmills today are sleek, lightweight yet robust and long lasting. They can easily fit in any clinic, home or rehab center and can be rolled through doorways.
  • The treadmill is designed for people of all ages and abilities. It is convenient for both the operator and the patient.
  • Many of the latest versions come with jets to increase resistance during a workout session.
  • Easy to lift feature ensures hassle free cleaning of the underwater treadmills.



Why are underwater treadmills recommended for exercise?
  • Joint and muscle relaxation Elderly people with joint and muscle pain may find relief with underwater treadmill therapy. For people with chronic conditions like osteoarthritis, activities like walking on the aqua treadmill can cure or significantly reduce the pain. The natural hydrostatic pressure of water is the source the treadmill’s healing powers. Patients bear as little as 20% of their body weight while they are in water. Besides reducing swelling, it also relaxes joints, improves strength, and boosts flexibility.
  • Gait training
    Underwater treadmills are the best tool for gait training for patients who find it difficult to walk. Gait training on the underwater treadmill can be easily accomplished physical therapy without the fear of falling. This low impact gait training is recommended by many physicians.
  • Cardiovascular stamina
    Your cardiovascular stamina is improved a lot by using an underwater treadmill. Longer exercise durations combined with the heightened resistance of the water generates greater cardiovascular endurance. This process pumps up a patient’s on-ground physical stamina.
  • Flexibility
    Another great health benefit of the underwater treadmill is that it increases the flexibility of the patient. The sensory effects of water relax the joints and muscles which result in higher flexibility when combined with the various movements and cardiovascular activities.
  • Muscle strengthening
    When a person runs or walks in an underwater treadmill, the viscosity of water puts a great amount of exertion on the body. This improves a patient’s physical strength and increases their stamina.

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Water treadmills for humans are generally used when patients have a problem in their leg joints or muscles. We have already listed many other benefits besides just relieving the pain. This piece of equipment is highly recommended device for people with bones and muscle related ailments. It is costly if bought for personal use but you can always go to a verified rehabilitation center, clinic or health center where you can exercise on underwater treadmill.

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