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Water Treadmills: Why An All In One System Works Best

Water Treadmills: Why An All In One System Works Best

  Perhaps you’ve heard about water treadmills for people and wondered why? Why do professional coaches have their athletes take active recovery days using underwater treadmills? An underwater treadmill for humans allows athletes to benefit from the elements of water. The viscosity of water alone activates different muscles in a form of cross training that compliments running on land and strength training. In fact, it can prevent overuse injuries that actually decrease performance and increase risk of injury. But the design of a human underwater treadmill matters. Some types of underwater treadmills include drop-in, which require access to a pool. Varied designs work with particular types of water- salt, chlorine, bromine or ozone. Usually these are lightweight units that buyers drop into a backyard or indoor pool. They may include inclines to increase resistance. In chest deep water, over 20% of the body weight is reduced, which reduces impact on knee, ankle and hip joints by as much as 75%. These lack some of many other benefits from underwater treadmills for humans: temperature control, jet resistance, and forward-reverse belt motion, not to mention programs with touchscreen controls.

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Here are five reasons to seek out a free-standing underwater treadmill for humans, rather than a pool-ready human treadmill. The Mirage Aquatic Treadmills offers:
  • Temperature Control: many programs use contrast therapy, cooler for inflammation reduction, warmer for comfort and pain control.
  • Jets and Inclines: Mirage’s design allows for jets in multiple directions and inclines up to 15% to vary resistance and work different muscle groups. Underwater treadmills already improve lean muscle mass.
  • A Range of Speeds: Depending on performance levels, water running will challenge any athlete and this allows for improvement or interval training.
  • A Touchscreen Control System: The easy-to-program system allows for variety to improve performance and keep exercise interesting.
Mirage Hydrotherapy is designed to allow for a hundred type of treatment sessions all with one unit that can be rolled through a standard door. These programs create variety and challenge for whole week programs to build muscle and healing for any person looking to improve cardiac health, athletes needing to recover from injury or surgery, or patients with mobility limitations. In fact, a 2015 study in the Journal of Spinal Cord Medicine proved that underwater treadmill training improved leg strength, balance, and performance in 8 weeks. With temperature control and the range of speed and resistance all help with soft-tissue recovery, weight reduction, pain and overall endurance. Drop in treadmills cannot match the benefits of stand-alone hydrotherapy treadmills. Furthermore, a pool doesn’t offer the energy and water efficiency of the stand alone. If you don’t have room for a pool, the funds for a pool, or want the upkeep of a pool, the Mirage Aquatic Treadmill is designed for you. H2O For Fitness engineers designed the Mirage Aquatic Treadmill to be simple, functional, easy-to-clean and use.

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For the personal health benefits alone- prevention from injury, improved performance, injury recovery- it provides incredible return-on-investment. Coaches to top athletes know that using hydrotherapy running compliments land running. It improves leg strength. Because it provides one-to-one aerobic and cardiovascular rigor, it boosts endurance and shaves the risk of injury.
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