Oasis underwater treadmills are the gold-standard in the field of canine aquatic therapy with high quality, unique design and attention to detail.

Beyond rehabilitation, Oasis treadmills can be used for fitness training, weight control and even as a diagnostic tool in a veterinary clinical setting. Our innovative models allow you to find the one that fits the needs of your pet patients and practice.

H2O For Fitness - Oasis ECO


Oasis ECO

Our most economical underwater treadmill, the Oasis ECO provides functional quality at an affordable price. The compact, sleek design frees up space while delivering every benefit of pet aquatic therapy.

Oasis ECO

H2O For Fitness - Oasis Pro Canine


Oasis PRO

With our top-of-the-line model, the Oasis PRO accommodates breeds of all shapes and sizes. This unit is tailor made to your specification creating a fully immersive hydrotherapy experience for every pet.

Oasis PRO


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