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H2O For Fitness is the premier brand in the hydrotherapy market and we are so passionate about our conviction in hydrotherapy that our name says it all!


The core team at H2O has over 75 years of manufacturing and industry experience providing the expertise required to create the best in underwater treadmills. Our philosophy has always been to deliver a quality product by focusing our design on simplicity with functionality. We pride ourselves in offering a product that is reliable, easy-to-use and versatile.


H2O For Fitness…your fitness is our passion!

H2O for Fitness


H y d r o t h e r a p y
For the total mental & physical well-being of humans and pets.


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Oasis Canine Underwater Treadmill

Mirage Human Underwater Treadmill

Oasis Canine Hydrotherapy

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We have a large customer base all over the world. Ask us where you can find an H2O underwater treadmill near you!


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