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Top Underwater Treadmill Exercises for Humans

Top Underwater Treadmill Exercises for Humans

Underwater treadmills are in demand, be it humans or pets, this innovative machine has taken the bones and muscle exercises to the next level. Underwater treadmill exercises have improved the health status of people of all ages. From older adults to children, underwater exercises have proved to be fun and useful at the same time.

Benefits for older adults

Bone and muscle problems mostly arise in older adults as they age. They can highly benefit from these underwater treadmill exercises. In a study conducted for 12 weeks on patients in their mid-sixties, it was found that their muscle strength and flexion showed improvement by 18 percent in the knees and by 12 percent in the hips with underwater treadmill therapy. This figure calls for regular underwater exercises for elderly people especially those suffering from muscle or joint pain.

Top underwater treadmill exercises

It is always recommended that you should perform any treadmill exercises under the guidance of your physiotherapist. They can guide you better with numerous useful exercises keeping in mind all the details and precautions.

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Underwater exercises mostly target joints and muscles in the lower and upper parts of the body.
  • The first one is doing the reps underwater. Starting from the hips this exercise tightens the muscles of the legs and makes them more mobile.
  • The next can be easily adopted by athletes and people suffering from joint pain. You have to focus on knee joints and calf muscles by walking underwater in various routines. The pressure exerted by water helps in developing strength and tightens the muscles.
  • Many experts suggest exercises such as heel-toe raises, side-to-side rocking which helps in warming up the often-ignored sides of feet, and trunk rotations and posture press-ups.
  • Underwater treadmill exercises also count a series of arm and cross-shoulder swings where the hands are extended against the force of the water.
  • The final exercise is hip stretches and abductions that help in focusing on balance, strength and motion.

Underwater treadmill exercises beneficial for weight loss

Yes, you heard that right. Besides, helping in coping up with muscle and joint pain, underwater treadmills for humans are very useful in weight loss procedures. A study conducted on 57 overweight adults shows that they were asked to perform the exercises on the treadmill without making any changes in their diet or routine. The results in the adults showed improvements in the body mass index. Besides weight loss, people even experience a lot of reduction in stress and tension due to body pain. Aquatic exercises yield significant gains in aerobic capacity and reduce weight and body fat. This is because of the buoyancy and comfort offered by warm water. To add more, underwater treadmill exercises are fun and interesting therefore, people prefer to practice them regularly.


Aquatic treadmill or hydrotherapy treadmill comes with many additional features and types of equipment. It has handrails for support, sometimes it has hose and resistance jets too. As a whole, an underwater treadmill is a go-to option for athletes, elder people, people with bone or muscle disabilities, or anyone who has suffered an accident and is looking to recover effectively. For best consultation always reach out to experts and see the results.
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