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Hydrotherapy-A Growing Trend, or is it Really Helpful for your Dogs?

Hydrotherapy-A Growing Trend, or is it Really Helpful for your Dogs?

Water has its own healing effects and humans know this for centuries. Utilizing it for maintaining dogs’ health is a growing trend and people are interested in it. Hydrotherapy or underwater treadmill exercise for dogs has been a go to option for dog owners to treat their dog’s bone/muscle problems. It has become a new pet craze but it’s just not it. Water treadmills for dogs have helped in recovering from any previous accident affecting the bones and muscles. Many owners say that their dogs had arthritis or osteoporosis but they have seen a great amount of recovery with the help of underwater treadmills.

What is Hydrotherapy for dogs?

Hydrotherapy in simple words is water treatment. Although humans have been following t in the form of swimming, sauna, hot water bathing etc. but for dogs it has been introduced lately. It was initially the race horses who were allowed to run in water for hydrotherapy and then it gradually shifted to dogs.



Today, Hydrotherapy for dogs is not just about allowing them to run in water but it is provided to them through underwater treadmills for dogs. It is generally to relieve them from post-surgery, arthritis treatment or even conditioning of animal athletes.

Water therapy is beneficial in treating the below problems in dogs:

  • Neurological problems
  • ACL injuries
  • Orthopedic injuries or conditions
  • Post-surgical recovery
  • Weight loss
  • Metabolic conditions

Dogs need proper exercise to keep their bones healthy and strong. Swimming is very natural in dogs and it can be used as a good way to burn calories and keep your dogs in motion. But it is not always successful as it is very challenging and cannot be used as a foolproof method for rehabilitation.

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Underwater treadmills are therefore recommended by vets and experts as it can be easily customized as per your dog’s health needs. First of all it is practiced under a strong supervision, underwater treadmills for dogs are easily adjustable according to your dog’s height, and speed of the treadmill can be set as different breeds have different requirements. Your dog gets a fully personalized care according to his/her body type and other needs.

Hydrotherapy exercises at home for your dogs

Dogs are friendly animals and many have a tendency to learn things faster. Some are natural swimmers and can be allowed to swim in the pool for proper exercise. Dog owner must keep in mind that if your dog enjoys swimming, this doesn’t mean that he/she can play in the water for long. If your dog needs medical attention then providing hydrotherapy at home is not recommended. Underwater treadmill exercise is the best for such dogs as it is done under expert supervision.

There are dogs who do not enjoy swimming or water sports, therefore they should not be forced. Seek help of a professional and introduce them to hydrotherapy slowly. It is always recommended to use floatation or buoyancy jacket when your dog is in the pool, it helps them float and be safe if they get tired of swimming.

In the end

Dog hydrotherapy demands have led to the opening of many hydrotherapy clinics. They are adding new equipment day in and out among which water treadmills for dogs are on top of the list. If you are searching for one it is best to take advice from experts and your veterinarian before taking your dog for such exercises.

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