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Bone problems affecting your pets

Bone problems affecting your pets

Bone problems are common in both humans and pets. Special care needs to be taken when it’s comes to pets because they cannot convey their pain easily. There has to be a proper inspection, regular medical checkups, and exercises to ensure the well-being of your pooches.

There are many bone diseases that can harm your pet. Most conscientious pet owners recognize that the diagnosis of the cause of a beloved pet’s pain needs to be done by a professional veterinarian. Only a professional can look at similar symptoms, like pain and limping, and diagnose the true cause.

Below are some general bone diseases that may affect your pets:




Arthritis begins with the inflammation of a joint in the body. This disease generally happens in older pets. If a young animal develops arthritis, it is often due to traumatic injury or congenital poor joint configuration. Vets generally suggest underwater treadmill exercises for dogs. Water treadmills for dogs have proven to be very helpful in curing serious arthritis conditions in canines.

Metabolic complications:

Major metabolic complications or issues in dogs include Panosteitis, osteochondrosis, and hypertrophic osteodystrophy. All three of these diseases are considered metabolic issues. They happen mostly to large and giant breed dogs. A diagnosis is made based upon physical exam findings and the changes in radiography. Lameness is one of the first traits symptoms of these problems and can be cured with proper underwater treadmill exercises.


Fractured bones in animals can occur as a result of a fight with another animal, a fall, or other accidents etc. To help your pet recover from the pain of a bone fracture there are certain exercises and precautions. Animals often become irritated during rehabilitation and so they can become dangerous. Therefore, they should be attended carefully and under the watchful eye of a professional. Depending on the severity and the type of fracture, splinting and strict rest are mostly suggested. Your veterinary team will give you advice regarding home care and follow-up exams.

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Bone infections generally happen if a fracture is not taken care of. Open fractures lead to infection in pets and can pose many problems. Pets with bone infections may have fever, laziness, and lack of interest. So, keep an eye out for these symptoms. You may also notice that the affected area is swollen, painful or red.

Bone cancer:

Bone cancer can also be detected in your beloved pets. But early detection can mean that the cancer can be addressed, and your pet can go on to live a natural life span. Because the symptoms of all the bone problems are nearly the same, diagnosing bone cancer is difficult. Keep track of the number of days your pet is in pain and immediately consult the vet in case regular treatment is not helping anymore.


Bone problems are common and come from many causes. No matter the underlying cause, we can help. Proper underwater treadmill exercise sessions, good nutrition advice, and healthy food can treat your pet and help them get back to a normal life. They are your family members and we understand that. Show them the care they deserve. Book an appointment with us today.

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