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How Aqua Jogging Can Improve Your Physical Health?

How Aqua Jogging Can Improve Your Physical Health?

What’s Aqua Jogging?

Aqua jogging is a deep-water exercise that mimics running on a treadmill while underwater. Training exercises such as aqua jogging are great for maintaining cardiovascular fitness without adding strain and stress to your joints. Other than a pool, pond, lake or other water source, all that is needed to begin is a swimsuit, goggles, and a running belt to stabilize your body as you run in place.

Ask yourself…

  • Do you have body joint pain?
  • Do you want to strengthen your upper body? or improve your posture
  • Do you want to recover muscular strength?
  • Do you have a hip or knee injury?
  • “Do you suffer with arthritis pain?” … Agua jogging is really beneficial for people with arthritis.

If the answer is yes to any of the above, you should consider aqua jogging.

Aqua Jogging

For Low Impact – High Resistance workout

“Aqua jogging is considered low impact, which makes it especially good for people with joint pain, and particularly arthritis, as the water buoyancy reduces weight-bearing to a mere 10 percent of full body weight when immersed in water up to the neck,” said Kristen Gasnick, PT, DPT, a board-certified physical therapist.Healthline.com

Aquatic Therapy:

Aquatic therapy is a water based form of physical therapy often used for patients recovering from injuries and illnesses. Keeping healthy after an injury is crucial to a quick recovery. Athletes in particular benefit from aquatic therapy to keep them in shape when they have been injured. Often the use of a hydrotherapy treadmill is an integral part of rehabilitation for injured players. However, did you know that aquatic therapy can also be used to bolster your physical well-being? The Mirage is an indispensable part of rehabilitation, but it is also excellent at maintaining and strengthening your health. Our designers here at H2O for Fitness created the Mirage to also be a great exercise tool. Here are three reasons you’ll want to keep using the Mirage even after your rehabilitation process has ended.

  • There is Less Strain on the Body: Testimonials from world class runners praise the use of hydrotherapy treadmills. According to the Wounded Warrior Project, aquatic running is quickly become a popular training choice because of the benefits and a lessened risk of injury from overuse. The natural buoyancy of water decreases stress on the joints allowing runners to exercise harder and longer. Huffines Institute for Sports Medicine & Human Performance notes that runners who use a hydrotherapy treadmill report little to no soreness after their workouts. Imagine reaping all the benefits of exercise without any of the negative drawbacks! For more information on the benefits of aquatic jogging check out our blog on why patients in recovery need to start using the Mirage.
  • Aqua Jogging Offers an Excellent Weight Management Program: Many people consider swimming to be a leisurely and relaxing activity; however studies have blown that concept out of the water. Dr. Howard Wainer of the Educational Testing Service in Princeton reports that while professional runners may be able to go further compared to swimmers, champion swimmers actually burn 25% more calories in the same period of activity time. Working out on the Mirage combines the exercise perks of both land running and swimming. Aquatic runners report burning 3-4 calories more per minute when using an aquatic treadmill instead of a commercial treadmill, and the reason why is quite clear.
  • The Mirage Provides a Challenging Workout that Will Boost Performance: The versatility of the Mirage is one of the many attributes that we are proud of at H2O for Fitness. Our user friendly controls allow a patient in recovery to hone their rehabilitation program to perfectly suit their needs. This same advantage gives athletes the ability to customize a workout that will challenge their limits and boost their results. Have you ever tried swimming against a current? The resistance of running water certainly challenges our muscles and endurance. Increasing the resistance and speed on the Mirage has a similar effect and will leave even professional athletes huffing and puffing at the end of their workout.
  • Aqua therapy’s Others Benefits:
    • Increases your cardio output
    • Improves your muscular strength
    • Takes the load off Removes stress on the lower body maybe use specific parts such as “the hip and knee joints”
    • Provides a steady temperature while training
    • Cross-training workout

Others Benefits of Aqua therapy

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Aquatic jogging is taking the physical fitness world by storm because of the many benefits that it provides. The Mirage is a premier tool for both patients in recovery and athletes looking to get an edge in their performance. Whether you are looking for a consistent workout on off days, a weight management plan, or a challenging working out, the Mirage has the functionality and design that you need to reach your goals. Making the Mirage part of your weekly routine is guaranteed to lessen post-workout muscle soreness, increase fitness gains, and boost overall health. If you are a clinic that provides athletic services you need to check out the Mirage today!

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