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Why The Mirage Is The Best Hydrotherapy Treadmill For Patients In Recovery?

Why The Mirage Is The Best Hydrotherapy Treadmill For Patients In Recovery?

You don’t need to be a medical professional to know that being in recovery from an injury can be a long and painful process. Choosing the right type of rehabilitation can make a significant difference in recovery speed. Here at H2O For Fitness, we recommend the use of hydrotherapy combined with an aquatic treadmill. The Mirage is just the right hydrotherapy treadmill your facility needs in order to boost the recovery time of your patients. Using aquatic rehabilitation in combination with our underwater treadmill offers benefits ranging from pain management to immune system enhancement. Here are three reasons why the Mirage is the best underwater treadmill for patients in recovery.

  1. Promotes Exercise: Exercise is probably the last thing most patients think about when they are recuperating. While rest is important during this critical time in the healing process, it must be balanced with an appropriate workout regime. Recovery is not just about regaining basic functionality in the affected area but also about gaining strength, mobility, and flexibility. Studies show that moderate exercise can accelerate the healing process for a number of different types of injuries. For athletes this is crucially important. Unlike other commercial treadmills the Mirage combines the incredible benefits of hydrotherapy and exercise. The buoyancy of water supports your weight allowing you the freedom of movement you need to rebuild your mobility and flexibility. The natural resistance of water will challenge your muscles so that they will regain strength. A patient not using the Mirage is sorely missing out.
  2. Enhances the Immune System: Got the sniffles? You should give the Mirage a try. Hydrotherapy has been known to enhance the immune system. The reason is fairly simple: aquatic exercises increase the blood flow throughout the body which allows for a more efficient circulation of white blood cells. This results in a stronger immune system that protects the body from illnesses that would slow down the body’s recovery. The Mirage’s multifunctional interface gives the patient a variety of challenging exercises that will keep the blood flowing. Keeping our customers healthy is our number one priority at H2O for Fitness. The Mirage offers a full package of physical wellness both inside and out.
  3. Relieves Pain:Pain management is an integral part of recovery. It can be managed in a number of ways, but the hot and cold method is commonly used in hydrotherapy. A study done by the University of Rochester Medical Center suggests that using a variation of hot and cold water treatments can be used as an effective method for pain treatment. The researchers recommend using warm water for muscle and joint pain while using cold water to reduce swelling from sprains and bumps. The adjustable seating and jet power of the Mirage allow it to it to work as a hot tub for warm or cold water immersion. Working your muscles on an underwater treadmill is also an excellent way to reduce pain during exercise. And remember, physical fitness is the key to quick recovery!
Versatility in design and function is what allows the Mirage to give users an incredible healing experience. The Mirage is the best underwater treadmill on the market for patients in recovery because it offers a full package of health benefits. Using the Mirage helps to promote exercise, strengthens the immune system, and relieves pain. These are crucial elements in the healing process. Your facility deserves the best, and that is what the Mirage has to offer.
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