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Three Reasons Your Rehabilitation Facility Needs The Mirage Underwater Treadmill

Three Reasons Your Rehabilitation Facility Needs The Mirage Underwater Treadmill

Here at H2O For fitness, we work with a variety of clients seeking the right gym equipment for aquatic rehabilitation. We are often asked if an underwater treadmill is really necessary for a physical therapy center? Our answer to this question is a resounding yes. The Mirage is a premier product in the hydrotherapy treadmill industry. Unlike our Oasis, the Mirage is designed specifically as a water treadmill for people. This aquatic treadmill will make your rehabilitation facility a haven for your recovering clients. Here are three reasons why your facility and your patients need the Mirage.

  1. Broaden Your Range of Clients: We mentioned earlier that the Mirage is a water treadmill for people. By people we mean all people. The Mirage is suitable for almost any age, fitness level, or recovery program. This pro-fitness treadmill is user friendly with adjustable settings that will service a variety of specific needs for the individual. A rehabilitation program that has a one size fits all attitude is detrimental to client recovery. The Mirage will allow your facility to tailor unique options that will benefit any client.

  2. Broaden Your Range Of Services: The Mirage offers a complete hydrotherapy package. This underwater treadmill features adjustable seating and jets combined with level and water temperature controls. Thanks to the versatility of the Mirage you can provide your clients with a number of services from weight loss programs to physical rehabilitation routines. The Mirage can also go mobile! H2O for Fitness understands that there are some patients who are unable to travel. Our aquatic treadmill can be fitted to any mobile unit so with the Mirage you can offer at-home services for all of your clients. Mobile functionality also gives your rehabilitation center the ability to advertise your programs at any event or venue. Why go through explaining what you can offer your customers when you can show them directly?

  3. Broaden the Range of Hydrotherapy Benefits: Hydrotherapy has been used by humanity for ages and for good reason! According to the National Institute of Health, aquatic rehabilitation has been shown to alleviate pain, increase blood flow, improve mobility, and even strengthen the immune system. The same study also suggests that hydrotherapy can improve the respiratory system, patient balance, and lessen muscle damage taken from extreme exercise. These benefits are bundled together and amplified with the Mirage. When submerged in water you weigh 10% of your body weight. This same effect also adds resistance without adding strain. Exercising on a hydrotherapy treadmill gives your patients two benefits at once. Not only are you providing them with the benefits of hydrotherapy, but you are also adding the incredible benefits of exercise. The versatility of the Mirage allows you to use it for multiple purposes. The jets of this aquatic treadmill challenge you with a vigorous workout while the adjustable seating and water temperature settings allow you to use the Mirage as relaxing bath.

Your fitness is our passion but so is your success. When our innovative team designed the Mirage they knew that versatility was key. Our product was designed with both businesses and individuals in mind. At H2O for Fitness we want our customers to get the most out of their purchase. That is why our hydrotherapy treadmill fits in easily at any location: even in mobile units! With the Mirage you can offer your clients exactly what they need whether at your facility or at their homes. We know that you care about the recovery of your patients, and that is why you need the Mirage at your physical therapy center.

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