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Is Your Dog Feeling Tired? Consider Underwater Treadmill Therapy

Is Your Dog Feeling Tired? Consider Underwater Treadmill Therapy

The concept of underwater treadmills for dogs has now become so popular and loved that dog owners have listed this option as a necessity. Besides humans, dogs also adore this relaxing activity to remain healthy and thus, free from bone, joint and muscle injuries. The winter months for your pooches can be hard as this is the time when their bones become stiff and painful. This condition leads to arthritis and laziness in dogs. To cure the condition, vets always recommend a regular session on the hydrotherapy treadmill. It keeps them active especially during the winter months. There are no particular exercises to keep your dogs comfortable and relaxed. In this underwater treadmill, they can walk, run or swim as per their comfort. The flexibility in letting them choose lets the dogs stay active and healthy.

Dog water treadmill exercises

Underwater treadmill for dogs are useful but you must make sure that your vet first examines the dog properly. Not all dogs or canines are good at it. Reason is simple, every dog is different and they have different abilities to recover from their bone related ailments, therefore hydrotherapy is not always the option.

Hydrotherapy exercises for dogs
  • Many canine aquatic centers feature hydrotherapy pools in which dogs can do laps, fetch and retrieve balls thrown into the pool.
  • Dogs simply learn how to swim with the assistance of a licensed staff member in many centers. Each facility generally has different methods of exercise within the lap pool, depending on the dog and his needs
  • Colder water is majorly used for athletic dogs as it helps them maintain a normal, balanced body temperature. Warm water is used to loosen tight muscles, and is used more often for therapy or recovery sessions.
Points to remember before going for underwater treadmill exercises

1.Dog breeds that are interested in playing, are sporty and highly active, for them recreational hydrotherapy is a great way to add physical conditioning exercises that help increase stamina and endurance as well as strengthen muscles.

2. Experts say that dogs should not be relied only on hydrotherapy. It should be just a part of their entire training program, especially in the case of athlete dogs

3. If you’re considering adding dog water treadmill exercises to your dog’s physical conditioning and training, first clear it with your vet, as not all dogs are a good candidate for this type of exercise.

4. As hydrotherapy is gaining momentum in healing and recovery, hydrotherapy clinics are popping up, especially in the US, and more and more veterinarians are adding aquatic therapy equipment to their facilities.

5. Talk to your vet about the options available in your area and always look for trained and certified rehabilitation specialists. It’s recommended to visit the facilities to talk to the providers and have a look at their equipment before booking a session for your dog.


Underwater treadmills are being used by many dog owners as a perfect exercising technique. Swimming, playing in water and other water games have become pooch favorite. These water exercises not only help in rejuvenating your dogs but also keep them healthy and fit. There are possibilities that dogs do not find it comfortable to be in water or walk on the belt of the treadmill and therefore hesitate. Consultation before-hand is very important to make underwater treadmill exercises fun for your dog.

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