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Aquatic therapy is effective for Neurological patients

Aquatic therapy is effective for Neurological patients

Aquatic therapy is an all-round treatment when it comes to any physical, bone or muscle related problem. Studies show that aquatic therapy given through aqua treadmill is valuable for treating neurological problems too. Underwater hydrotherapy treadmills have long been a valuable resource that cannot be missed out.

Aquatic therapy has evolved overtime and therefore it has many benefits today. It has vast medical usage. Underwater treadmills are so in demand because the effects of the hydrostatic pressure are also considered best for homeostatic adjustments in the brain. This feature promotes neurotrophic effects that include an increase in anti- inflammatory cytokines and BDNF. These cytokines help a lot in exercising some of the parts of postural and movement motor skills. The water pressure in the Aqua treadmill exerts pressure to let the user maintain a perfect balance safely. All this process involves the brain and its thinking capabilities hence helping it to maintain the neurological balance. Water lends itself well to gaining a lot of movement experience.

Major benefits of underwater treadmills/hydrotherapy treadmills for neurological patients:

  • A hydrotherapy treadmill is a boon in medical industry as it promotes functional mobility
  • It even enhances balance and proprioception
  • Lumbar stabilization is another benefit that you can get from exercising on the underwater treadmill
  • It improves gait training
  • Hydrotherapy treadmill for humans also helps to regain trunk balance, range of motion, strength and endurance
  • It also encourages ambulation, sitting, standing balance and mind stability

The aquatic treadmill uses water and the Water’s buoyancy provides support that helps people with muscle weakness and poor balance to stand without any fear. And this is the whole theory behind the underwater treadmill being used for neurological treatment. And if people lose their balance by any chance the water allows proper movement by slowing down. Underwater treadmill improves the body balance all together.

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Aquatic treadmills help to recover from stroke or spinal cord injury. The blood pools collect in the affected limbs that decreases the amount of blood returning to the heart. This decreased blood flow can cause low blood pressure, resulting in many body and neurological problems. The force of water exerted through the underwater treadmill to the body through the hydrostatic pressure of water is similar to a compression stocking that increases the blood circulation and tolerance of the body resulting in proper balance. This helps in proper blood flow throughout the body and the brain.


Book your appointment For an Aquatic treadmill exercise today or buy one for your home. This will definitely help cure all your bone and blood pressure related problems, hence enhancing your way living. Water treadmills are great for people suffering from bone and muscle problems, also you can see yourself develop proper of body and mind.

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