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Top 5 ways to strengthen your dog’s bones

Top 5 ways to strengthen your dog’s bones

Bone strength of your pets is very important to help them live a longer and healthier life. Dogs’ bones also need the same minerals such as vitamin D, phosphorous, calcium and a lot of exercise as human beings. Best ways to meet these needs are through food and regular exercise. Earlier, dog’s bone health was a matter of concern because of lack of information but today pet care is improved with better flow of information and numerous facilities such as Underwater treadmill for dogs.

Here are five ways to strengthen your dog’s bones:

High quality commercial food

You should buy high quality dog food that contains the right amount of all the necessary nutrients required for the growth of your pet. Good quality commercial products are prepared using verified formulae to provide sufficient amounts of calcium and phosphorous for adult dogs and cats, as well as animals during growth. This balanced diet provides complete health maintenance and makes their bones stronger.

Home cooked diet

Many pet owners prefer home cooked meals for their dogs and cats. It is recommended that they first get a diet chart or consult the veterinary doctor before giving home cooked meals to your dog. They check your dog’s health and prepare a customized diet that can be easily cooked at home. This helps in overall growth of your dog or cat.

Proper proportion of food

Overeating is one of the major issues that result in painful and weak joints of your pets. It is very important to keep a regular check on the amount of food you five to your dogs. Overeating and malnutrition both are dangerous for dogs because they grow too fast. If they eat too less that may lead to lack of essential nutrients required for proper bone building especially during their growth years. Supplements may help in this case but try to stay away from them and offer the right diet, neither too much nor too less.

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Consistency in exercise

Pushing your dogs too much for running or exercising is the first reason for joint and bone problems. There is no such rule or protocol that how much a dog must exercise or run in a day. It completely depends on their comfort and ease. This does not mean that you are too lazy to take your dog out on a simple walk or a dog treadmill exercise ever.

Avoid supplements in food

Dogs and other pets need natural ingredients to grow stronger, therefore adding supplements for vitamins and minerals is not recommended. If your dogs are getting the right nutrients in the food there is no need to add any supplements in their food. Too many nutrients may cause other medical issues in your pets.


Bone problems are common in dogs who have become old or have witnessed any accident. underwater treadmills for dogs is one of the best ways to get your dogs exercise well and maintain their bone strength. There are various types of dog underwater treadmills. Consult with your vet to find out if your pet needs it or not. All the above ways are very beneficial and you must follow to keep your dogs away from any bone or muscle pain.

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