As a leader in the hydrotherapy market, H2O For Fitness proudly designs and manufactures top tier hydrotherapy equipment designed with the wellness of our users in mind. By utilizing superior technology and 75 years of combined manufacturing experience, H2O For Fitness provides the best products for physical rehabilitation and fitness.

The best Hydrotherapy Products for Humans & Canines

Oasis Canine treadmill

The Oasis-Underwater Treadmill for Canines

The Oasis is a low-impact, high-resistance hydrotherapy treadmill designed to improve the lives of canines and small animals. Designed for a relaxing workout experience, the natural buoyancy of water combined with adjustable water temperature and water levels makes The Oasis the optimal tool for training, rehabilitation and conditioning.

Mirage Human treadmill

The Mirage – Underwater Treadmill for Humans

The Mirage, an underwater treadmill, is designed for fitness training and weight control. A new product in the field of hydrotherapy and rehabilitation, The Mirage provides a low impact, high intensity workout through the natural buoyancy of water. This type of workout provides users with new confidence and balance. Designed for patients in recovery mode, the Mirage is a great fit for any nursing home, hospital or rehabilitation clinic.

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