Three local doctors have donated a much needed underwater treadmill to the Seawolves of Stony Brook University. Faculty, donors and athletes praise the addition. Hydrotherapy treadmills are known for getting student athletes rehabilitated quickly with limited interruption to school and training. Underwater treadmills help athletes perform cardiatric exercises that are intended to strengthen lower extremities without risking re injury. They also decrease the likelihood that a vigorous rehabilitation routine will lead to a new injury.

Dr. Erica Shoults joins H2O For Fitness as Director of Sales and Marketing

Fort Wayne, IN – H2O For Fitness,, is pleased to announce the newest member of their team, Dr. Erica Shoults. Dr. Shoults will be serving as the Director of Sales and Marketing to streamline sales and marketing efforts through further customer engagement. “I am very proud to become a part of the H2O family with their outstanding reputation for product quality and customer service amongst the animal health industry. Our goal is to make the best line of underwater treadmills available to anyone in the world who wants to offer aquatic therapy and take patient wellness to the next level,” explains Dr. Shoults.
Erica has extensive experience in the veterinary physical rehabilitation arena with:
  • Product improvement and development
  • Business integration of companion animal therapeutic devices
  • Strategically managing several product lines with sales and marketing support
She has worked with industry leaders, such as, Companion Animal Health, PetSafe and Shor-Line.
About Dr. Shoults
Dr. Erica Shoults graduated from Kansas State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 2005 and has been helping veterinary clinics all over the world incorporate alternative therapies into their practices for the past decade. Her extensive knowledge of hydrotherapy has helped place hundreds of canine underwater treadmills throughout North America and she has worked on several new hospitals in designing physical rehabilitation suites. She resides in her hometown of Kansas City with her husband and two cats, Missy and Bentley.
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