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Why should you choose only dog water treadmill for your dog?

Why should you choose only dog water treadmill for your dog?

Human treadmills and dog treadmills are two very different machines, but still many people use human treadmill to help their dogs exercise. This can prove out to be very harmful for your pooches. The reason being, the difference in the structure and features.

Canine underwater treadmills are specially designed for all canine breeds and include features that are designed with dogs in mind. For example, a canine underwater treadmill is more spacious than one designed for humans. The larger size allows the treadmill accommodate dogs of all sizes. The plank on which the exercise is done is longer and is designed with pets in mind.

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Differences between a human and canine hydrotherapy treadmills

1. A canine hydrotherapy treadmill will always have a running belt that is long enough to handle large dog breeds and their strides. If dogs are made to use the human water treadmill, it can result into joint pain and other bone problems.

2. Canine treadmills are spacious enough to allow the therapist to walk in easily to assist the pet. Human hydrotherapy treadmills have less room and too manual options to allow for easy pet management.

3. Underwater treadmills for dogs are designed with specialized cleaning features that prevent dirt or dog hair from clogging the system. If dog hair or any kind of dirt gets into a human treadmill, there are no such features. As a result, the operator may incur significant cost to get the machine cleaned. If the system gets damaged by pet hair, the repair will not fall under the warranty terms of the human hydrotherapy treadmill.

4. In the case of large dogs, the risk of using a human treadmill is larger. Besides size and capacity, the belt spacing from the edges and handles in front may cause problems to the dogs while they are exercising.

5. Another big difference between types if underwater treadmills, is the vibrations generated while operating the treadmills. Canine underwater treadmills are specifically designed with the fact that many dogs are afraid of vibrations and noise in mind. So, most of the canine hydrotherapy treadmills are quieter while they are running.

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There are people who work out their pets on the same treadmill, but it is not recommended. Underwater treadmills are costly, and many people could not afford both. But there are many local pet therapy options where owners can get professional therapy for your pet using hydrotherapy at very affordable prices. Hydrotherapy exercises on a treadmill specially designed for the pets is always the right option to avoid any kind of injuries, joint pain, or accidents with your pets.

What we provide

H2O for Fitness provides personalized underwater treadmills for your pets. We have a wide range of services including consultation on how to exercise your pet on an underwater treadmill. We are always here to connect you with expert advice and consultation. Our underwater treadmills are stylish, highly efficient, easy to use, and crafted with the well-being of your pets in mind.

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