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Three Chronic Conditions That Underwater Treadmills Help Heal

Three Chronic Conditions That Underwater Treadmills Help Heal

People living with chronic health problems often dread hitting the gym. Most days, it may be challenging enough to manage pain. Thanks to aquatic treadmills from H2O For Fitness, those suffering from common chronic conditions can better manage their ailments. All the gain without the pain. Underwater treadmill manufacturers use the science of hydrostatic pressure, which exerts a gentle, equal supporting force around all the parts of the body, in combination with aqua walking or jogging to help people who can walk only five to ten minutes on land successfully complete thirty minutes on an underwater treadmill, and they discover they enjoy exercise. Three chronic conditions where regular exercise improves a person’s quality of life and condition are obesity, high blood pressure, and fibromyalgia.


Doctors recommend thirty minutes of exercise a day for a healthy body weight. For a person with a high body mass (BMI), exercise may be a confidence issue. Huffing and puffing on a bike, balancing on an elliptical, and joint pain from walking on land can discourage many from routine exercise. An underwater treadmill can be the perfect transition to a fun, varied exercise regimen. How? Water’s buoyancy offsets up to 75% of weight, reducing impact and supporting balance. Water at waist height reduces the feeling of weight by fifty percent. At chest height, it reduces the weight by up to 75%. Water’s hydrostatic creates resistance in all directions which builds heart and skeletal-muscle strength. The more muscle tone a person builds, the higher their metabolism. One study shows that aqua-jogging for six weeks reduced body fat and waist measurements. Studies reported that using underwater treadmills helped people improve their aerobic fitness, gain confidence, and reduce their body mass even without cutting calories.

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High Blood Pressure

A Texas A&M study states that over 67 million Americans have high blood pressure. As with almost any cardiovascular condition, doctors recommend mild to moderate exercise. Walking on an underwater treadmill offers a therapeutic, supportive fitness environment, including temperature control. Keeping water at an ideal temperature reduces edema. Being immersed up to the chest in water makes a person feel like they are only carrying 25% of their own body weight. Moving from walking to jogging improves the benefits. The resistance of water while aqua-jogging builds strong muscle mass than land-based jogging only. In other words, the heart, strengthens, the rest of cardiovascular systems improves without the painful discomforts associated with exercise. Where a person might have avoided exertion, it can be enjoyable.


Men and women suffering from fibromyalgia may feel pain just bending the fingers. Anyone who suffers knows that the condition interferes with all types of physical function, preventing exercise for many. Exercise improves quality of life overall, including improving the quality of sleep, general health, and cognitive function, but if exercise is too painful, those with fibromyalgia will avoid it. Who needs more pain? But studies show that three 30-minute sessions on an underwater treadmill improved quality of life for participants. They reported sleeping better, greater clarity of thinking, a reduction in the tenderness of pain points, and overall improved movement and flexibility.

Benefits for All

Water’s natural support alleviates the common pains of vigorous exercise- pain and swelling in joints and muscles. It appears that an aquatic treadmill might be the ideal transition for many people who’ve avoided exercise due to weight. Eventually, it can remain part of an integrated fitness program including land-based activities. H2OFor Fitness’ hydrotherapy treadmills give hope.

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