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The Benefits of Hydrotherapy in Canine Rehabilitation

The Benefits of Hydrotherapy in Canine Rehabilitation

With the rising popularity of pet physiotherapy, hydrotherapy for canines is also growing in demand and popularity. However, before you opt for the method of physiotherapy, it is best to understand the benefits they carry, especially the aquatic treadmill exercise.

Hydrotherapy as a whole can signal a wide variety of benefits and solutions. Benefits include neurological pain relief, orthopedic recovery and relief from soft tissue injuries. Hydrotherapy for canines utilizes the pain relief components of walking on water to provide a long-lasting solution. Walking on land can be a bit too difficult for your dog if they have prior pain in the legs. The rehab can take a lot longer if the canine is walking on land.



Knowing the strenuous requirement of walking on land, it is best that you conduct hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy utilizes water set at a therapeutic temperature of around 30 to 32 degrees Celsius. The warm texture of the water, coupled with the general weightlessness on offer, can allow you to exercise without any delay whatsoever. The exercise can help achieve muscle structuring and lead to improvement.

In this article, we take a look at some of the benefits of hydrotherapy in Canine rehabilitation. We hope you can understand the true benefits of hydrotherapy and provide your canine friend with a true recovery method.

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Overall Benefits of Canine Hydrotherapy

Canine hydrotherapy is broken down into multiple parts and steps. Each method tends to have its own list of benefits related to the particular approach in practice. However, hydrotherapy can lead to the following benefits in full:

  • Relief from swelling, stiffness and pain.
  • Relaxes spasms and muscle tension.
  • Increases the range of motion
  • Improves overall cardiovascular fitness.
  • Increased sensory perception rates.
  • Improved mental wellbeing of the dog through the release of endorphins.
  • Less pain and concussion on the joins.
  • Improved mobility.
  • Increased muscle strength for all.

The therapeutic benefits of hydrotherapy, outlined above, allow this method of physiotherapy to be highly beneficial for your dog. The therapist will look at the unique attributes of your dog’s problem and provide a solution that sits in line with what is required. Hydrotherapy for dogs has proven successful in many cases.

Additionally, the main water properties that lead to the effects mentioned above include:

  • Buoyancy: Water can help create a weightless environment, which eventually alleviates pressure on the muscles and joints and provides support for weak muscles.
  • Hydrostatic Pressure: Hydrostatic pressure forces decrease swelling and pain across the body, leading to improved flexibility and movements.
  • Temperature: Temperature of the water is generally warm, which can help improve blood circulation in the affected region and increase the elasticity of tissues. The changes lead to general relaxation and pain relief. This improves movements and leads to better results overall.
  • Resistance: The resistance achieved through water can help build muscle and improve the overall level of cardiovascular fitness.

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Benefits of Hydrotherapy Pool

The hydrotherapy pool is a method of physiotherapy here. The hydrotherapy pool works as a complete exercise for general pain relief. The hydrotherapy pool can induce a range of motions in a controlled and comfortable environment, where each motion is being tracked. There are no concussive forces on the limbs, and all actions are tracked.

The hydrotherapy pool is extremely useful for physiotherapy for orthopedic conditions such as elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia and osteoarthritis. All of these conditions can benefit from the buoyancy of water, which provides a completely weightless environment. The environment can alleviate pressure from the joints and limit the chances of a concussion. Eventually, your canine friend will achieve its full range of motion and will be back to normal.

Benefits of Underwater Treadmill

The canine underwater treadmill provides a feasible environment for low pressure and weight. The treadmill belt is placed in water, and the canine is expected to move on it to create a suitable result. The treadmill belt is generally more comfortable to operate than land-based machines. The belt reduces concussion from the joints and encourages positive reactions. The method is used in cases such as neurological conditions, soft tissue injuries and post-surgery instances. The methods can influence early muscle formation, along with gain re-education.

Both hydrotherapy pools and underwater treadmills are used concurrently at the same time. Both the treatment options tend to prove better results when they are used together. Hydrotherapy has worked miracles in dogs and can prove to be beneficial for your dog as well in the long run. Go for this therapy option and help your dog get over the pain that limits them.

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