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Bone problems affecting your pets

Bone problems are common in both humans and pets. Special care needs to be taken when it’s comes to pets because they cannot convey their pain easily. There has to be a proper inspection, regular medical checkups, and exercises to ensure the well-being of your pooches. There are many bone diseases that can harm your […]

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Tips for people with bone problems

Bones are the support system of human bodies and the bodies of many animals. Taking care of bones is extremely important because your bone health may deteriorate after a certain age. Much bone loss is caused by lack of exercise, improper diet, or injuries. If exercise is missing, bones can become weak or even break […]

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Why should you choose only dog water treadmill for your dog?

Human treadmills and dog treadmills are two very different machines, but still many people use human treadmill to help their dogs exercise. This can prove out to be very harmful for your pooches. The reason being, the difference in the structure and features. Canine underwater treadmills are specially designed for all canine breeds and include […]

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Benefits of Underwater Treadmill for Humans

Underwater treadmills for humans look fun but they are also a good source of exercise and rehabilitation, especially, people for people who are suffering from muscle or joint related ailments. Aquatic therapy is often recommended to help with exercise and recovery. The natural buoyancy of water provides a low impact workout that actually helps joints […]

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Water Treadmills: Why An All In One System Works Best

  Perhaps you’ve heard about water treadmills for people and wondered why? Why do professional coaches have their athletes take active recovery days using underwater treadmills? An underwater treadmill for humans allows athletes to benefit from the elements of water. The viscosity of water alone activates different muscles in a form of cross training that […]

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