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Water Treadmills: Why An All In One System Works Best

  Perhaps you’ve heard about water treadmills for people and wondered why? Why do professional coaches have their athletes take active recovery days using underwater treadmills? An underwater treadmill for humans allows athletes to benefit from the elements of water. The viscosity of water alone activates different muscles in a form of cross training that […]

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Benefits of Underwater Treadmills for Hydrotherapy

  Hydrotherapy includes therapies with tools such as saunas, steam baths, foot baths, contrast therapy, hot and cold showers and areas containing water. This therapy works on the principle of using water at varying temperatures for muscle relaxation and other health purposes. To provide the most therapeutic experience, health centers, spas, gyms, and parlors generally […]

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What to Know About Using A Canine Underwater Treadmill

  Getting old is painful, not only for humans, but for your pets too. As dogs age, they may be uncomfortable because they gain weight, have arthritis, lose muscle tone, or more. To treat these problems, many vets suggest dietary changes and routine exercise for your dogs. One of the best exercises to keep your […]

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Is Your Dog Feeling Tired? Consider Underwater Treadmill Therapy

The concept of underwater treadmills for dogs has now become so popular and loved that dog owners have listed this option as a necessity. Besides humans, dogs also adore this relaxing activity to remain healthy and thus, free from bone, joint and muscle injuries. The winter months for your pooches […]

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Underwater Treadmills Ease Arthritis In Pets and Partner

Do you know the signs and symptoms of arthritis or joint pain in your dog? Dogs older than six years, especially large breeds, tend to develop arthritis as they age. If your canine pet seems lethargic, is stiff after laying down or seems to put in more effort climbing stairs or getting in or out […]

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