3 Reasons the Mirage is the Best Hydrotherapy Treadmill for Patients in Recovery

You don’t need to be a medical professional to know that being in recovery from an injury can be a long and painful process. Choosing the right rehabilitation therapy can make a significant difference in recovery speed. Here at H2O for Fitness, we recommend the use of hydrotherapy combined with an aquatic treadmill.

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Reputable facility centers have one thing in common. They all have this machine in their facility.

Great customer service is crucial to keep your patients happy and delighted to return on their next visit. For a physical therapy clinic this may mean making an investment with an aqua treadmill. An aquatic treadmill will take your hydrotherapy program to the next level. H2O for Fitness has the perfect machine to meet all of your center’s demands; we call it the Mirage…

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3 Reasons Your Rehabilitation Facility Needs The Mirage Underwater Treadmill

Here at H2O for fitness, we work with a variety of clients seeking the right water gym equipment for aquatic rehabilitation. We are often asked if an underwater treadmill is really necessary for a physical therapy center? Our answer to this question is a resounding yes. The Mirage is a premier product in the hydrotherapy treadmill industry. Unlike our Oasis; the Mirage is…

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Is your pet overweight, in recovery, or elderly? The Oasis can alleviate their suffering. Here’s how!

We love our pets and we hate to see them suffer. This is especially true for our aging four legged friends and our pets who are recovering from injuries. There are many diverse treatments available when it comes to alleviating pain and promoting fitness for our animals including various types of medicines such as using hydrotherapy with a rehabilitation pool…

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