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What to Know About Using A Canine Underwater Treadmill

  Getting old is painful, not only for humans, but for your pets too. As dogs age, they may be uncomfortable because they gain weight, have arthritis, lose muscle tone, or more. To treat these problems, many vets suggest dietary changes and routine exercise for your dogs. One of the best exercises to keep your […]

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Is Your Dog Feeling Tired? Consider Underwater Treadmill Therapy

The concept of underwater treadmills for dogs has now become so popular and loved that dog owners have listed this option as a necessity. Besides humans, dogs also adore this relaxing activity to remain healthy and thus, free from bone, joint and muscle injuries. The winter months for your pooches […]

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Underwater Treadmills Ease Arthritis In Pets and Partner

Do you know the signs and symptoms of arthritis or joint pain in your dog? Dogs older than six years, especially large breeds, tend to develop arthritis as they age. If your canine pet seems lethargic, is stiff after laying down or seems to put in more effort climbing stairs or getting in or out […]

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Re-Build A Dog’s Life…Build Your Underwater Treadmill for Canines

In 2002, 13-year-old Evan watched his dog run into the path of an oncoming SUV. His beloved retriever looked too broken for hope. He wept as his parents gently placed the dog into their car. At the veterinary hospital, they learned their dog would survive, though it would take several surgeries and extensive physical therapy. […]

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Underwater Treadmills: Professional Aquatic Equipment for Humans headline

All over the country, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, veterinary clinics, and sports centers are installing underwater treadmills to meet the needs of animals, patients and athletes alike. Why is an underwater treadmill ideal for everyone, even high-performance athletes? Initially the underwater treadmill offers its rehabilitation benefits: surgical patients who need to rebuild cardiac and muscular strength, […]

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Underwater Treadmill for Canine Rehabilitation

Remember when your frisky Fido used to leap out of the tub while you bathed him? As your Corgi, Labrador or Terrier ages, you may notice he/she no longer leaps or runs because injury or arthritis may be slowing him/her down. If your pet no longer seems as flexible, strong, eager or pain free, talk to […]

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Three Chronic Conditions That Underwater Treadmills Help Heal

People living with chronic health problems often dread hitting the gym. Most days, it may be challenging enough to manage pain. Thanks to aquatic treadmills from H2O For Fitness, those suffering from common chronic conditions can better manage their ailments. All the gain without the pain. Underwater treadmill manufacturers use the science of hydrostatic […]

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The Benefits of Underwater Treadmills

No pain, no gain.” You’ve heard it, but what if it doesn’t have to be true? Hydrotherapy treadmill manufacturers like H2O For Fitness are helping athletes and patients rehabilitate faster and without pain. “Water is a great medium to exercise in,” said Timothy Miller, Regional Director of Sports Rehabilitation at St. Luke’s Physical Therapy in…

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Two Amazing Ways the Mirage Can Help You Manage Arthritis Pain

It isn’t a secret that arthritis can be a debilitating and chronic condition. With over 100 types of arthritis, it can be a difficult disease to diagnose and not all symptoms may be the same. There is one symptom however that all types of arthritis have in common…pain. The pain of arthritis may be so severe that your quality of life can be completely diminished.

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How Aqua Jogging Can Improve Your Physical Health?

Aquatic therapy is a water based form of physical therapy often used for patients recovering from injuries and illnesses. Keeping healthy after an injury is crucial to a quick recovery. Athletes in particular benefit from aquatic therapy to keep them in shape when they have been injured. Often the use of a hydrotherapy treadmill is an integral part of rehabilitation for injured players. However, did you know that aquatic therapy can also be

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