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Is Your Pet Overweight, in Recovery, or Geriatric?

Is Your Pet Overweight, in Recovery, or Geriatric?

We love our pets and we hate to see them suffer. This is especially true for our aging four-legged friends and our pets who are recovering from injuries. There are many diverse treatments available when it comes to alleviating pain and promoting fitness for our animals including various types of therapies such as using hydrotherapy with a rehabilitation pool. Hydrotherapy is a natural and effective way to promote healing and fitness for our pets and has many avenues of treatments that can be utilized, but an aquatic therapy treadmill is the best method out there!

Here are a few reasons why:

  1. It keeps off unwanted pounds during recovery. Studies show that over 58% of cats and 54% of dogs in America are obese. Believe it or not, your cuddly buddy suffers the same consequences from being overweight that humans do including a risk of developing type 2 diabetes, a shortened lifespan, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, and heart trouble. With hydrotherapy your pet can get a high intensity low impact workout without putting stress on their injuries. A Canine Underwater Treadmill is the perfect solution to your pet’s fitness needs.
  2. Hydrotherapy relieves arthritis pain for our aging friends. Swimming is the perfect workout for the elderly, but this also applies for our aging pets as well! Commercial treadmills can put too much weight on aching joints. When submerged in water, the weight of your pet’s body is supported by the buoyant properties of water. This allows the body to move without having to fight against gravity creating a relaxing fitness experience for your favourite furry friend.
  3. Aquatic rehabilitation will quicken your pet’s recovery. Hydrotherapy has shown to increase blood circulation levels, strengthen the immune system, and increase energy levels in your pet. This method of rehabilitation has also been shown to strengthen the heart and lungs. Research has discovered that a Five-minute swim equals to a Five-mile walk! {5-minute Swim = 5-mile walk} You can hasten your four-legged friend’s recovery in just five minutes a day.
  4. Hydrotherapy will create a stronger bond between you and your pet. Your pet will love using an aquatic treadmill, even if they normally do not enjoy swimming! It’s a fun and relaxing way to get in a workout, and you will enjoy watching how much fun your pet is having. Isn’t it true that when our pets are happy, we are happy?


Whether you are considering a hydrotherapy treadmill for your veterinary office, as part of your obedience course, or simply for your pet at home, The Oasis is the perfect fit for you. It can also go mobile! The Oasis can be fitted to a mobile unit so that you can use the amazing powers of hydrotherapy anywhere! Your clients will appreciate having the option to rehabilitate their animals in the same building from which they receive their medical care or from their home. For obedience classrooms, adding the Oasis as another piece of water gym equipment completes the entire package towards the fitness and training needs of your clients and pets.

At H2O For Fitness, we do not believe in aggressive ad campaigns to push our merchandise, because we believe that our amazing products speak for themselves. 70% of our sales come through word of mouth and referrals from customers.

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Undoubtedly many of you would agree that our pets are members of our family. We would do anything to keep our beloved furry friends happy and comfortable, especially during a painful recovery. We’d like for you to consider the benefits of hydrotherapy with the Oasis. As experts in underwater treadmill manufacturing, we are committed to ensuring that your beloved pets use only the highest quality products. At H2O for Fitness your pet’s fitness is also our passion!

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