Canine Underwater Treadmills– Oasis Underwater Treadmill for dogs
The Oasis is the premier offering in the field of rehabilitation through Hydrotherapy. Along with rehab, the Oasis can also be used for fitness training and weight control. Along with canines, the Oasis is ideal for other small animals/ pets. The natural buoyancy of water assists in a low impact but high intensity work out. This is especially important in cases of patients in the ‘recovery’ mode. With adjustable water temperature and water level, the Oasis makes rehab, fitness training or weight control a relaxing experience.

The new smart look of the Oasis helps it to blend in with ease even in the swankiest clinics, hospitals or homes. The Oasis is designed for function. The designers at H2O for Fitness have kept in mind that “simple is beautiful”. Without trying to re-invent the wheel but also keeping in mind that quality is king, the Oasis symbolizes a quality product that is robust and user friendly, both for the operator and the patient.

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Product Features

  • Therapeutic Massage with integrated resistance jets
    • Resistance jets are vital for water therapy, sports performance training, reintegration, swimming or deep tissue massage.
    • These resistance jets come with various levels of water pressure and offer the option to configure at multiple directions.
  • Energy Saver mode for weekends
    • Reliable, powerful, energy efficient, super quiet pumps.
    • Programmable heater embedded with energy saver mode.
    • Save energy when not in use.
  • Includes Revolutionary Incline Feature.
    • Incline the treadmill with the touch of a button on the touch screen.
    • Inclines up to 15%; the highest in the market.
  • Warranty
    • First-year warranty offered for parts and labor.
    • Extended warranty and service plans are offered.
  • TouchScreen Control
    • Control the operation of the entire system just with the touch of a button!
    • Large control panel for ease of operation.

  • Training for In-Service and Start-Up
    • Comprehensive product training, reimbursement, and marketing guidance provided.
    • Learn more about ROI, costing, and other factors for business.
  • Variable speed motor
    • Oasis Classic – go from 0.5 mph to 5 mph at 0.1 mph increments.
    • Oasis ‘PRO’ – go from 0.25 mph to 9 mph, at 0.1 mph increments.
    • Belt moves in both directions.
  • Up to 100 programmable treatments
    • Keep recipes saved for your valued clients.
    • Save time and effort. Hassle free operation.

Product Specification

  • Electrical Requirements:
    220V AC, 60 Hz, 50 Amps, single phase.
  • Exercise chamber capacity:
    380 gallons; weighs approximately 3400 pounds when full of water.
  • Plumbing Requirements:
    Cold water inlet and a floor drain no less than 2 inches.
  • Storage Tank Dimensions:
    66″ long X 29″ wide X 65″ high
  • Exercise Chamber Specifications (inside):
    Length: 78″
    Width: 32″
    Height: 32″ over walking surface
    Area available for exercising: 20″ X 65″
  • Speed Range:
    0.5 MPH to 5 MPH (Classic), 0.25 MPH to
    9 MPH (PRO) with 0.1 MPH increments.
  • Drive Motor:
    2 HP variable speed, AC

Product Dimensions

Benefit of Hydrotherapy

How does it WORK

Water has a natural property called ‘buoyancy’. Hydrotherapy uses this property of water to its maximum potential and provides a low impact, soothing workout to ‘patients’. Check out ‘The Oasis’ and find out how it revolutionizes hydrotherapy and presents it in a brand new package.

What is Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is defined as ‘the use of water to achieve therapeutic benefit and relaxation’. Formerly known as hydropathy, it involves the use of water for pain-relief and treating illness. In recent times, hydrotherapy has also been a popular option for fitness training.

The PRO is a premium offering suitable for patients with fitness and conditioning needs. The PRO comes preloaded with all the features of the Classic and also has a higher speed option (9 mph).
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