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H2O For Fitness is the premier brand in the rehab through hydrotherapy market. We are so passionate about our conviction in hydrotherapy that our name says it all! The core team of H2O for Fitness has a total of around 75 years of manufacturing experience under their belt. The management’s philosophy has always been to provide a quality product to the customer, which will not only satisfy, but delight the customer. We want our products to sell themselves. The design team of H2O for Fitness focuses on keeping it simple yet functional. That is what helps us keep our prices affordable to our customers. Even though our prices are amongst the most competitive in the current market, we boast of a quality product that delivers the goods. To top it all off, it looks good too!
H2O for Fitness… your fitness, our passion!

H2O for Fitness

H y d r o t h e r a p y
For the total mental & physical well being for humans and dogs.

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We have a huge customer base spread all over North America and Mexico. Here are some of our units. Also, to see our latest news article, please check out our News section.

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